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mittendrin Potsdam – Church for the City

mittendrin is an evangelical church plant in the center of Potsdam, the German word translating as “right in the middle.” We are convinced that it’s worth discovering the Christian faith together, sharing experiences, and establishing a relationship between faith and daily life. How can church look in the year 2023 and in a city like Potsdam? As a community of Christians and those interested in the faith, we don’t want to remain unseen, rather we desire to contribute positively to our environment.

Come as you are

Group photo in front of a barn in Wünsdorf (Zossen)
75 participants experienced the third mittendrin_retreat from 26.–28. August 2022 in Wünsdorf (Zossen)

The beginning

The project started in October 2011, initially meeting in our church office and in our homes. In January 2013, we began with a worship service on Sunday every fourteen days in a room we rented from Kabarett Obelisk. Since September 2015, the worship service has been taking place there weekly. We also meet in small groups and we do a lot together.

The pastors from mittendrin are Christian Hufen and Tim Herrmann. Both studied theology in Gießen and have lived in Potsdam since 2016 and 2017 respectively. Together with a few other full-time employees and volunteers, they comprise the leadership team. In addition, everyone who is actively involved in mittendrin helps determine the style and character of this church.

What We Believe

We believe that the highest goal for humanity is found in glorifying God. This core value forms the basis of all of the other formulated values listed below and comprises the basis for the church plant, mittendrin.

How do we want to be a church for the city of Potsdam and glorify God in that?
By …

  1. Focusing on the Gospel

    At the heart of the Gospel is the message of Jesus Christ. He is the center of biblical teaching and also our faith. Nothing, no experience, no tradition, no dogma, no topic is as important as Jesus Christ. He alone guarantees the transformation and salvation of human beings. This Gospel of grace is for us both a protection from legalism, as well as freedom leading to honesty and obedience.

    Preaching the gospel at Kabarett Obelisk in Potsdam
    Preaching the gospel at Kabarett Obelisk
  2. Reaching out to Community

    God has called people to community. He Himself is perfect community and that is why Christian community is fundamental to us. Spiritual growth can only take place in community.

    Our goal is to create a responsible community through which spiritual and personal growth takes place. This community is a pleasant, holy, authentic, encouraging, generous community that fits to Potsdam and our friends.

  3. Being Grounded on the Bible

    The best and most helpful information is found in the well-known and most reliable source. God Himself has given us the Bible as His Word. It is the foundation for our faith, our life, this church plant, and our proclamation. We want to derive all principles and standards from the Bible and apply them to daily life. No tradition, no personal experience, no idea is of equal value to the Bible. We love God’s Word and are convinced that the message of the Bible still has the power today to change people.

  1. Being Structured in Small Groups

    The true “success” of a church does not depend on numbers, rather on the personal transformation and development of individuals. In our opinion, this transformation does not significantly take place in a big group, for example on Sundays during the worship service. Rather, it happens in small groups that also share daily life, without being exclusive.

    Small groups help us to be sensitive to our neighbors and friends and to learn that the gospel of grace is not a theory, rather practical. In small groups, we can teach and live that we don’t have to hide our weakness because the cross of Christ teaches us that we are all weak. In our opinion, all of this can only succeed in smaller settings, which is why our church is comprised of small groups.

  2. Being Motivated for Others

    We want to be a church in which everyone serves their neighbor and our city in word and deed and practically shows God’s characteristics such as compassion, love, hope, and justice. We don’t want to form a subculture; rather, we are instructed and motivated to do good for others. Word and deed have an equally important significance. We preach the Gospel and apply it practically to daily life.

  3. Mutually Supporting and Complementing One Another

    God has made us unique and given us gifts and talents that we should use as best as possible to build the church and expand His Kingdom. To truly profit from our mutual complementation, we take special care to ensure that everyone can contribute competently and be encouraged. That is why we take the biblical mandate for the church leadership seriously, “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12).

    Small Group meeting in Buena Vida Coffee Club
    Small Group meeting in „Buena Vida Coffee Club“

Support Us

In order to be a spiritual home for more people in Potsdam and to be active for the city, mittendrin needs financial resources. We do not receive church taxes nor other means of public financial support.

If you would like to support mittendrin, you can do so following the instructions below. No amount is too small and all donations go directly toward our work in Potsdam. For a donation receipt, please share your address with us.

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    IBAN: DE84 4526 0475 0016 1058 00

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Worship with Us

Worship service with blessing of chidren
Worship service with blessing of chidren

We meet weekly for worship services on Sundays at 11 AM in the Kabarett Obelisk: Charlottenstraße 31, 14467 Potsdam. We’d love to have you join us!

English translation is available. Please get your headphones and the audio receiver at the counter in the foyer. You can listen to the sermon while staying in your seat. Feel free to bring your own headphones if you’d like.

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